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Paul Williams brand design with new swan fort as a blueprint for creation, in 2005, BORO (mr.wong English name) trip to Europe, new swan castle is the place that has been his yearning, because where is like a fairyland, and new swan castle like in wonderland optimal palace is located in the Alps. Came to the new swan castle, imposing manner, chic modelling, special grandeur, internal build special magnificent, romantic, as a furniture designer BORO are attracted to the beauty, he thought, why not for this sat beautiful swan fort as blueprint, to create a furniture brand? BORO from that same year, the NATION UNIVERSITY Dr (national UNIVERSITY) for industry and commerce management graduate, the graduation, he WILLIAMS UNIVERSITY college of art with the United States, a mentor, light up the white swan as a blueprint, creating a furniture brand idea, the teacher is very approve of, so in order to commemorate this brand, this brand directly to called WILLIAMS BORO, brand logo based on the ideas of new swan castle shape. Get my rainbow across images of new swan castle icon like Paul WILLIAMS brand logo.
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