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Health residential
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 According to the world health organization (WHO) definition of the so-called "healthy" is physically, mentally, socially completely in good condition, and not simply refers to disease or weak. According to this definition, "healthy housing" is one who can make habitant "on the physical, mental, social completely in good condition of housing", specifically, the minimum requirements of "healthy housing" has the following several aspects:
- can cause anaphylaxis chemical concentration is very low;
- as far as possible do not use volatile chemicals out of plywood, wall decoration materials, etc.;
, ventilation equipment, has the good performance of indoor pollutants discharge can be outdoor, especially for insulating high air tightness, high stays home, must adopt the central ventilation system with air ducts, and to regularly take a breath;
- the cooker in the kitchen or smoking place, to set up the local exhaust equipment;
- the living room, bedroom, kitchen, toilet, hallways, bathrooms, etc. Humidity will remain throughout the year between 17 to 27 ℃;
- keep indoor humidity throughout the year between 40-70%;
, carbon dioxide concentration is lower than 1000 parts per million (PPM);
- suspended dust concentration is lower than 0.15 mg per cubic meter;
- less than 50 decibels noise;
- sunshine throughout the day to make sure that in 3 hours or more;
- enough to set up the brightness of the lighting equipment;
- housing should have enough ability to resist natural disasters;
- have enough per capita building area;
- home to protect the elderly and the disabled.
In addition to this, from building materials contain harmful volatile organic compounds, so the house was completed, want interval for a period of time (at least two weeks) to check in, during this period for ventilation and ventilation.
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