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Golden phoenix group concept
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Core philosophy: to create international brand in China
Enterprise spirit: regiment knot and new efforts to real work
Brand awareness: furniture golden phoenix
Main body culture: take every piece of furniture as their loved ones
Business philosophy: create value for humans
Business mission: let more people have
Management policy: to myself honest honest honest to the company to the customer
Core advertising: is value
Product style: Europe and the United States new classic modern classic
Product positioning: high-grade furniture is a pioneer in China
Moral: Confucian ethics cure
Service tenet: take away true customer troubles left golden phoenix
Training goal: let employees grow with group development synchronization
Employee relationship: golden phoenix is my home
Leadership feelings: sincerely treat each employee
Cost competitiveness: is the fate of the enterprise
Management methods: actively find problems to solve the problem actively
Right attitude: accurate and reasonable
Work injunctions: think about like maybe it could be like
Thought pattern: only to task to find ways not to find reasons for errors
Code of conduct: to better to do the best to do
Personal principles: do everything to bring warmth and happiness
Do everything don't bring trouble and pain
Life orientation: must we will be able to

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