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Fe ni brand style:

European classical luxury

European Noeclassical key-2 Luxury

Neo-classical European luxury style, which is based on the original European classical style, it is the most luxurious part of the European classical furniture, such as sculpture, materials, etc. To improve, retention and the reduction of history of European classical style furniture, European new classic luxury style is born along with the Chinese consumption concept change, golden phoenix group fe ni si brand from the original ou shigu to European classical luxurious style, from furniture design and production process to make the perfect optimization.

Fe ni brand style, from neo-classical European to ou shigu allusion to classical european-style luxury, now has a brand style change of three times, also has experienced three times the full production of product design and technological upgrading.

Fe ni brand logo definition:
Fe ni brand for the first brand of golden phoenix furniture group development, therefore, the golden phoenix phoenix in furniture group logo graphic elements and Goldphoenix English common to Philippines just logo, to represent her contribution to the furniture of golden phoenix international group.
Choose phoenix as a sign the composition of the elements, a symbol of fe ni, brand products, like a phoenix of nobility and elegance.
The phoenix is the symbol of auspicious, meaning she brand furniture will give your family the auspicious air down the house.

Brand overview - Summary Of Goldphoenix Brand

The middle of the 18th century to the 19th century, in order to to revive the ancient Greek and Roman culture as the banner of the new European classical furniture with its solemn and elegant, practical classical style instead of heavy and complicated, the famously curve to decorate the baroque and rococo style. New classic furniture not only has the rationality of the structure and the use of comfort, but also has the artistic figure of perfect elegance.

Fe ni brand furniture, the different characteristics of neo-classical period in Europe, France and without elegant, Britain's light, elegant, simple, elegant, in the United States, Germany's strict, elegant, exquisite, luxurious, in Italy are harmonious collocation in household life. It is fundamental key with a straight line, do not make too much detail, the pursuit of the overall proportion of beauty, show without and not weak, dignified but not stiff, elegant without affectation, lyrical and not frivolous.

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