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High social status "respects", economic income, "expensive". "Noble" brand series designed for successful middle-aged elite namely "3 tall one" (three highs: high cultural level, high income and high social status. A: bedroom area) people.
"Noble" (-) from Spain.
Spain is a was born in Columbus, Cervantes, great explorers such as Picasso and placido Domingo, artists of ancient civilizations. History, the national artistic style has a huge impact on Spain, its architecture and the furniture style is mostly imitation Romanesque, gothic, and Renaissance styles. Spain tall, heavy furniture modelling and dimension has a wild sense of men (the matador at the time), even with a sense of wildness (Carmen) in the foreign country, filled with full-bodied local amorous feelings.

"Honorable" away from the wild and wild, designers absorb the French neoclassical style (Louis xvi, the caesarism type) of dignified, calm, delicate, atmosphere, given its deep noble temperament.
"Noble" style characterized by carving delicate, smooth lines, paint full, lively, size large, air is extraordinary.
Absorbed by carving of the "noble" eaves tiles adorn, lotus in ancient Greece, olives and oval knife in the design and the Renaissance variant adorn adornment style elements, such as palm leaf alternate use of relief, shallow relief, carving all kinds of methods, cause JingDiaoXiLou, beauty of artistic effect.
"Noble" line, straight line jin ting, curve smooth, both natural crisscross, synthesize to have does not reveal himself. Especially a large number of rules of corrugated curve on the base and the use of the frame column section, makes every turn details are dynamic.
"Noble" desktop, map tiles with natural cherry, red maple two sub-companies named seaport. Six to nine paint (primer, building, repairing the old color and paint) technology, to achieve smoothness, brightness, plumpness and three times, make lumber produced by wave or distortion of texture pattern especially with vivid artistic conception.
Have "honorable" furniture, honesty is sit at the success and enjoy the respect.

Exalted (Valuable), originated in Spanish history the most powerful period furniture palace of Charles v.
Exalted (Valuable), dignified, composed, delicate, atmosphere, carving delicate, smooth lines, paint full, lively, size large, air is extraordinary.
Charles Ⅴ) [Charles v (1500-1500]
Since the Arab invasion of 711, Spain has been in a state of battle. Charles v, was born in 1500, habsburgs, is I to the Spanish king Philip with castilla juana's son, Ferdinand of aragon south ii with castilla Isabella I grandson, holy Roman emperor and the duke of Burgundy female elector Maximilian I, the son of Mary, was born in Ghent, was brought up in the low countries, Charles v, 6 years of age has succeeded to his father's low countries and france-comte, then he has inherited grandfather, grandfather's territory. Based on strong family power, the Renaissance as an opportunity, Charles v, determined to fight against theocracy, bury the dark religious rule, establish a unified Spain dynasty independently.

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