Summary of Brand (Brand Summary)
Aurelio (sith Aureate siskin), one of the world famous American furniture brand; By the golden phoenix chief designer j. f. W from st. mark's square (piazza San Marco) get design inspiration and creation.
Aurelio (sith Aureate siskin) after the brand was founded, in order to study consumer demand for led furniture development and design, through many years of precipitation, to launch new baroque, rural years in England, the Aegean sea, hao, and sunshine palm, modern, contemporary classic seven series; Contains the traditional and new classical, country mainly American furniture style, whether it is a continuation of the late Renaissance European immigrant culture of traditional style, or will be classical style, a unique personal style and the spirit of the modern neoclassical style, or adhering to the uniquely American traditional American country style, embodies the strong exotic amorous feelings. Many kinds of style and the series, to meet different people on the American furniture to create elegant, romantic, low-key costly, aristocratic way of life pursuit.

American furniture is the result of the late Renaissance European (18 to 19 century) countries brought about by the way of life, immigration to Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Greece, Egypt, the classic furniture of simplify, expressed the American nostalgia of history, is the European royal furniture civilian. After half a century of evolution, americans according to the Chinese people's aesthetic characteristics and the social status of ascension, form the character reveals American furniture; Aurelio (sith Aureate siskin) after entering the Chinese market at the turn of the century, according to the modern people all like vigor and young state of mind, changes the old traditional American furniture, American furniture according to the modern social demand, did a reset, in order to suit the Chinese market, Chinese American furniture, American furniture younger!
Aurelio (sith Aureate siskin) inheriting classic American furniture elegant, combining modern American furniture of low-key luxury. Traces of traditional manual art, highlight the post-industrial native sense beauty, through concise since the 18th century American furniture and architectural design, real reduction top American furniture design art. Make her satisfy the market demand of China's top American furniture brand.

The most infatuated with American furniture in shape, texture, color, and carving elegant by her foil atmosphere. And Mr Ray (sith Aureate siskin) as one of the world famous American furniture brand, above has its characteristics, its products have strong artistic expression, she gives space vitality, keep your space natural and comfortable, fashionable and elegant style of eternal, she stood in the height of the American furniture, the fusion of Chinese aesthetics, into the furniture and fine arts.
Internationalization of the Chinese market, Chinese traditional classical art was accepted and popular in the world, and in the thunder sith (Aureate siskin) on the design of the American furniture style performance incisively and vividly, at the same time, also introduced Chinese traditional classical art elements, let Mr Ray sith (Aureate siskin) brand with Chinese art to the world.

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