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SAN road map (soloartoo) brand overview
In 2005 when world of luxury goods, most of the brand for the European and American apparel, jewelry, wine, watches, bags, etc. As Asia's best furniture enterprise, should consider how to make the furniture also can bring the concept of luxury consumers.
Based on golden phoenix group international product design idea, excellent brand management ability. Golden phoenix create SAN road at the end of 2006 and the figure (soloartoo) brand, the brand positioning for the personality and art of the new classical luxury style.
With the change of the social life style, people's state of mind younger and younger, a kind of avant-garde fashion has a very high quality and the economic strength strong consumer groups, the European and American furniture style cannot adapt to their needs, and the way the figure (soloartoo) properly meet the new classic luxury furniture unique, high quality, enjoy the art of life.

In 2007, when the holy road of the brand into the market, find the need for this kind of product group is small, so the golden phoenix group, a pause in its product research and development, and towards the deep study of new classic luxury furniture market.
Gradually appeared in 2008-2009 new classic luxury products, but this kind of product aim for visual enjoy in its appearance brings to the consumer, its modelling color gorgeous exaggeration, paint and cloth art. This kind of product is only suitable for high-grade building dish the example room of the clubhouse and hotel and the adornment of a particular area, focus on viewing, household use function is weak.
In 2010, based on the development of new classic luxury furniture, golden phoenix group according to the original ideas to summarize market, analysis of how to better to new classical luxury furniture. SAN road of the brand from the real psychological needs of consumers of luxury furniture, luxury but not flashy, but delicate show atmosphere, really costly feeling to consumers, let consumers have more comfortable luxurious taste.

SAN road of brand has just outside the good brightness, villa stick control reasonable number of silver, according to the requirements of scale, product belongs to the global development of new categories and new degree is high. SAN road of the brand product by golden phoenix design team to research and development, both for the patent certification product.
Life is art, each person's life, his art is not the same, the way of the mean is give different customers personalized artistic enjoyment. He will distinguish between mass of luxury products, do not need to show others, only need to put feeling into products to understand the art of your life, and will enjoy life art beauty of you is on the top of the pyramid of excellence.
SAN road map (slooartoo) brand products are high-end furniture trend in the future.

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