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The 16th century, John ꔠ Northumberland created thain family (SYON HOUSE) castle.
The early twentieth century, John ꔠ Northumberland family descendant of a came to the United States, they chose in north American business of furniture design and production. When naming for furniture naturally chose abound furniture colour and art tradition of "the family", they to family deep culture and combination of furniture design, will soon make "thain family became a famous American furniture brand".

International group in 2002, golden phoenix furniture inherits the thain family furniture brand in the United States, for it is the essence of the historical precipitation, create the style of modern classic furniture, development and design is concise and lively and comfortable recreational, upscale atmosphere, have a personality compatible with modern and classical connotation, create an active atmosphere in the way of life, fill the blank of the market of the middle-aged successful people.
In 2003, after the family, and formed a kind of trend in the market

In 2008, we continue to break through the hard family pattern of the original design, with innovative thinking to give the world a dream of the happy life. We started from the brand integration and coordination of form a complete set of product is the soul of the integration. Extract products, new classic personality of products, from the main body style to every detail to keep improving, elaborate design, elaborate; Designer products in the integration of the sitting room, bedroom, dining-room, study, ark, leisure chairs, and cloth art collocation is very fastidious, coordination and fabric of the overall style is tie-in effect is perfect. The sitting room ascension to become mainstream products, also the breakthrough of the latest highlights.

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