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The enterprise culture
Spirit: sincere, intelligent, new connotation, its fine
Always to be sincere, true and honest business
Confucian morality, righteousness and propriety wisdom letter, concentrated expression is sincere, sincerity, the customer sincere partners, to employees sincerely, sincerely for the company, because there are sincere, so have today's golden phoenix.
Wise: ideals, plotting coups
Wise refers to people with great wisdom, ambitious, can be sure of the big picture on the strategic height. Operates in the distance, battle away, President of Wang Jinfeng is such entrepreneurs.
Innovation: the change and has no end
Innovation in change, change, include all of the enterprise management process is not only refers to the products, also includes administrative, marketing model, cost control, production process, combined with the comprehensive innovation promotion service, etc.
Elegant, exquisite workmanship, the pursuit of perfection
"Created in China, the international brand" is the soul of golden phoenix, is to have is the essence of value, is the golden phoenix furniture brand image.
Enterprise spirit that eight words, ideas, from the President of the golden phoenix idea and style is a beacon of the development of golden phoenix banner, guided the golden phoenix people toward a century-old factory grand goal! New thinking, new atmosphere, new achievements, golden phoenix furniture will be even more at at 2, progresses day by day, more brilliant!
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