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Shenzhen gold phoenix industrial nature park, with intelligent, low density, ecotype China furniture headquarters buildings, form a set of China furniture industry Chinese furniture enterprise headquarters base which combines office, scientific research, pilot and industrial gathering, can provide good central type to Chinese furniture enterprises operation management atmosphere, with efficient, pluripotent, full advantage for China's furniture industry development to create enterprise's high-speed channel, grade center of radiation throughout the country, and even the whole world \"center periphery effect\" for Chinese furniture enterprises laid proactive space path, is the ability to realize information integration and interaction of furniture market economy at home and abroad; Can reach the summit to move furniture enterprises at home and abroad a good release effect; As shenzhen longgang China furniture enterprise headquarters economic zone of the pearl river delta and the important base; Can become a long-term domestic furniture industry characteristic symbol of corporate image.

Production and Office Area( North)

Logistics service area(South)

The construction of Gold Phoenix (Shenzhen·China) industrial museum park will have a great influence and enhance the mainstream position of Chinese furniture industry in the international market. At the same time, it would provide a good reference to the standards and sustainable development of domestic market industry and create a new construction of furniture industry.
Since the reform and opening up in 1978, our government at all levels has set up good platform and created extremely advantageous environment for the development of enterprises. There are several reasons for our group to build the industry museum park. Firstly, it is the development requirement of our enterprise. Secondly, it would integrate the building construction landscape of the industry park with the city construction landscape so as to overthrow design style of industry buildings. As a beauty of city building, it would well match Shenzhen’s image as a international metropolis. It is a good way to return our government and society. Thirdly, it responds to realize the goals to save energy and protect ecological environment.
The majestic object and development strategy of Gold Phoenix Furniture is to build a top global furniture brand. Gold Phoenix (Shenzhen·China) industrial museum park will create the best surroundings for working, manufacturing and living in the world furniture industry. Environment shape personality and change action. Only with top international environment, can we create a world-famous brand.
The construction of Gold Phoenix(Shenzhen·China) industrial museum park is a new marvelous leap of our group development strategy. It would mark the transformation of Chinese furniture industry. It will also become the model of energy saving and emission reduction, ecological protection and sustainable development. At the same time, it would paint a thick and heavy color in the history of Chinese industrial construction.

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