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Brand development process
Created successfully in 2000 European new classic furniture brand fe ni, lead Europe type furniture brand in China.
In 2000, the masters of wealth for the elderly around the age of 45, they like furniture, tendency Yu Jinbi magnificent, gorgeous carving delicate new classical furniture. When the demand of European classical furniture are most provided by the import, golden phoenix based on this kind of demand, to create the European new classic style furniture brand fe ni. Leading European furniture brand development in China.
Success in 2001 to create high-end european-style neo-classical furniture brand baroque, placeholder high-end european-style furniture brand in China
Golden phoenix leaders realized that must appear in China can compete with international furniture brands of high-end european-style furniture brand, this is the mission of China's furniture industry, and the golden phoenix group begin to create the baroque style furniture, with its baroque style as a brand name;
Across the globe in 2002 for the first time put forward "modern classic" style new concept; Fill 300 European classical, new classical furniture and modern furniture, the gap between Chinese style furniture; Creating a "modern classic" thain family brand;
With the development of the society, golden phoenix leaders, predicted that the masters of wealth more and more younger, to change around 45 years old to 35-40, they received a good education, have a decent job and good income, quite a number of successful, his family rich. Designer Mr Wang Jinfeng based on these findings, the group made a analysis of this part of people, they are for the middle class population, stylized form of classical furniture and strong nostalgic feelings, there is a kind of instinct of the psychological rejection, and the model of modern furniture is too simple and line, then feel a lack of cultural background, can't perfectly show their status, identity, taste and pursuit, but it holds no interest for enough. There must be a kind of furniture, the part to meet the people, realize the dream of their household life of classic taste; So Mr Wang Jinfeng from design, material and process the remarkable innovation, put forward "modern classic" style furniture.
Original "modern classic" of style theory, Italy, Spain, the United States for designing the master common recognition, fill 300 European classical, new classical furniture and modern furniture, the gap between Chinese style furniture; And create a "thain family brand," the style may be defined as "modern classic" style; Thain family brand has become the middle class of fashion,
Founded in 2003, "modern classic" McBain brand;
New concept put forward "modern classic" furniture style, the furniture industry at home and abroad are highly recognized and attention; But thain family brand, has yet to become in the social consumption crowd "spire" modern noble fashion, social elite. There is no doubt that the modern classical style need to deepen and upgrade, need to develop a new series, the new brand to enrich them. Hence, a sublimation of understanding, an Epiphany, has given rise to a new furniture brand - mike bain.
Founded in 2004 and honor
Exquisite carving to silver or gold is Europe type furniture characteristic; This characteristic determines the Europe type furniture more make public individual character, with the development of the society, part of the success of the elderly, they have a higher cultural level, the high income and high social status, they also have a big bedroom home conditions, so the golden phoenix group leaders decided to develop noble brand, designed for successful middle-aged elite namely "3 tall one" (three highs: high cultural level, high income and high social status, a big, big bedroom area) people.
In 2005, successfully created "paster
Without a brand furniture can let all people like, decided to a person like what type of furniture covers the occupation, age, culture and living conditions, etc. Golden phoenix's chief designer Wang Jinfeng, biggest dream is how to design, develop with covering the macro view of body and mind, both functions, emotions and the environment, external and internal spirit pursuit of perfection of furniture. More important is that she must transcend all boundaries by the crowd, harmoniously into different way of life, really achieve diversification, unlimited. This is the reason why this brand to create "paster. In order to this desire, Mr Wang Jinfeng and golden phoenix overseas designers carefully research and development, to the current more than 4000 international professional do comb and classification, research each professional group has different personality and characteristics, and the lifestyle behaviors, values etc. Comprehensive analysis, then apply the result to the paster furniture design thinking.
The pastor has one of the major characteristics: harmonious fusion, not restricted by objective conditions, acutely to revolutionary new harmonious way of life in the 21st century. Her closer to the real life needs and meet the various forms of life. Paster, done on occupation, age, culture, space, don't be strict restrictions, compared with the previous furniture design, is a kind of beyond (Surpassed), which is the pass, the main reason, and the designer I Wang Jinfeng Sir I of course is the brand logo image.
Aurelio sith created successfully in 2006;
American furniture is popular in China, golden phoenix group introduced American furniture style, and create ole sith brand;
Aurelio (sith Aureate siskin) after entering the Chinese market at the turn of the century, according to the modern people all like vigor and young state of mind, changes the old traditional American furniture, American furniture according to the modern social demand, did a reset, in order to suit the Chinese market, Chinese American furniture, American furniture younger!
Aurelio (sith Aureate siskin) inheriting classic American furniture elegant, combining modern American furniture of low-key luxury. Traces of traditional manual art, highlight the post-industrial native sense beauty, through concise since the 18th century American furniture and architectural design, real reduction top American furniture design art. Make her satisfy the market demand of China's top American furniture brand.
New classical created successfully in 2007, Bertha
According to data shows: in the past twenty years, Ms. Sharp growth, income is rising in the position in society. In addition, due to the lady in the aspect of education has increased, this kind of growth is accelerating. Female controls when the family of the role of "chief procurement officer. Especially in household items, such as ms play a leading role
As women are highly recognized by the society, development dedicated to ms special furniture, to woman heart of dreams, which began to Bertha brand;
The Bertha brand into new classical and modern classic, Bertha, Bertha; Is fundamental key with white swan of primary colors, there is no doubt that the Iraq Bertha has both traditional new classical furniture classical furniture that generous, and meet the needs of the modern bedroom pattern. The modelling of exquisite in workmanship, fine carving art, always send out a elegant classical breath. Dense texture, but with graceful lines and elegant decoration, bring generous and romantic daydream to whole bedroom.
2008 luxury furniture style is put forward new concept, create the road of the new classical style luxury furniture brand
Golden phoenix group, realize "at present, almost all of the luxury goods market in China by foreign brands do, luxury consumption is actually westernization in China, it has to do with, we don't have the pride of the world's top brands, the Chinese people's consumption concept, consumption culture, and the success of the foreign brand operation and massive attack, and many other factors. Luxury brands mainly come from Europe, the United States and other developed countries. In Europe, the wide range of luxury goods, silver, copper, crystal, glass, leather, clothing, publishing, packaging and so on. Although our country has also has more luxury brands, but the quantity is not much known, few can compete with foreign luxury brands. In fact, China does not lack of home-grown luxury products, Chinese has the very good gene: luxury brand growth but the lack of" going out "strategy vision and brand propaganda, domestic luxury products in China by foreign citizens even not familiar with and love. China's luxury market is attracting many foreign luxury brands, it is a pity that China's luxury goods but lack, haven't to the attention of the local Chinese entrepreneurs enough".
In this case, the golden phoenix group thinking why can't the furniture into the categories of luxury goods, too? Golden phoenix high-end furniture design and manufacturing and marketing experience for many years, to create the good prerequisites, so bold luxury furniture style new concept is put forward, including the new classical furniture and modern luxury luxury furniture two styles; And create a new classic luxury furniture brand SAN road map, set up special design team, started to carry on the design and development.
Enter the gaming furniture industry in 2009, and to create the professional gaming furniture brand in the country
Mahjong has origins in China for one thousand years, thousands of years tradition, has let her become the quintessence of Chinese entertainment culture, has now become a gaming is an important part of, and become China's tens of thousands of families in the entertainment activities; But rather than on the development of professional gaming furniture should be relatively lags behind, based on the above consideration, golden phoenix for different spirit pursuit of literature, the different age groups and create professional gaming furniture brand in Australia, the product covers automatic mahjong machine and matching furniture gambling, adopts the classical, new classical and modern classic and modern fashion style; To meet the needs of our gaming furniture.
In 20010 created the modern sofa brand a wonderful life
As a furniture designer, how to put the best wishes in his own career, and do our best to meet the needs of more people, and create a wonderful life with this in mind golden phoenix brand, its products include furniture is given priority to with the sitting room is contracted; Relying on the golden phoenix high-end market mature operating experience for many years and jiangsu 1650 acre industrial park of hardware support, will realize the desire of the world to share a wonderful life ".
2010 modern and classical style brand McBain, promoted to modern luxury
As early as 2007 luxury furniture new concept is put forward, and set up a special design team, started to carry on the design and development. After three years of development, modern luxury products have been mature, and elevate McBain modern classical style to modern luxury, according to the products of modern luxury style to readjust the McBain, McBain brand culture and further the visual image of the terminal; In the 2010 world expo hotel, configuration of modern luxury products, received the recognition from the domestic professionals, and lead the development direction of modern luxury furniture style.
2012: development of Chinese royal luxury classical annatto furniture brands
As China's economy, culture, politics, science and technology improvements, China is the world more and more attention. Extensive and profound Chinese ancient culture and become the focus of all countries in the world; And as a carrier of Chinese culture Chinese royal classical furniture industry will rise around the world; The Times, create royal luxury classical annatto furniture brand is a Chinese excellent national enterprise have to bear the burden of.
2014: development of intelligent furniture brand
Furniture has been referred to as traditional industry, but with the development of science and technology, the high-tech to furniture design and manufacture of artificial intelligence fusion, let furniture can achieve intelligent is a new challenge to traditional furniture industry, but this need to be a high-tech new demand, the development on the basis of the original high quality furniture, attached a more humane, artificial intelligence, will create a new branch of furniture industry; Under this premise, the development of intelligent furniture brand is overwhelming.
2015: development of elderly furniture brand
Contributor has been old, develop a dedicated in use by the elderly furniture brand, is a successful enterprise must think furniture, it is also a reward of boosters and dedication, the needed for the life of old people and old people spirit required for fusion to furniture, the development of elderly furniture, focus to meet the needs of the elderly to furniture, golden phoenix group is facing a new task;
2017: development of luxury collection kind of furniture
After the furniture become works of art, is worth treasure generation; Make a worthy collection of furniture to the world is the pursuit of every excellent furniture enterprises, golden phoenix on European, American, Chinese style furniture brand advantage, for the golden phoenix luxury collection class furniture brand lay a good foundation. A collection of furniture brand, let generation is the furniture industry's contribution to humanity.
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